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Monday, August 26, 2013

Thérèse- Marie- Rosine Géraldy (1884-1965)

Continuing the Family Tradition


Painting by Marie Magdeleine DelSarte
 of Thérèse Marie  Rosine GERALDY (Source 1)


Thérèse-Marie-Rosine GERALDY  was born to Louis Paul GERALDY and Marie- Anne-Elizabeth DELSARTE (daughter of François DelSarte) on June 18, 1884 and died on July 31, 1965. She was one of four children the couple issued. Unfortunately,  history has forgotten  the connection between this well-noted artist and the DelSarte family. We know offer conclusive evidence that Thérèse Marie  Rosine was part of the artistic legacy started by  Philippy de Bucelly d'Estrées (Source 2).

Biographical data from the French Ministry of Culture (Source 2)

Thérèse Marie  Rosine  trained under her aunt, the oil-painting artist, Magdeleine REAL del SARTE (the mother of Maxime Real del Sarte) and other important artists such as Marcel BASCHET and Henri ROYER (Source14 ). 

 Thérèse Marie  Rosine was part of the renowned Académie Julian founded by Rodolphe Julian. She was mainly known as a portraitist and worked with pastels and oils. Among her clients were the the Countess Rosario Schiffner de Larrechea de Zubov and James St Vincent (1843–1937), 4th Baron de Saumarez

In 1901
Thérèse Marie  Rosine  was exhibited in Paris and was a member of the Society of French Artists . In 1939 she was made a Knight (Chevalier) of the French Legion of Honor.
1939 Appointment as Knight of the French Legion of Honor (Source 2)

Her honors include:

1) Honorable Mention from the Society of French Artists - 1909
2) Prix Galimard - 1910
3) Second Prize - 1912
4) Silver Medal at the International Exposition  - 1937
5) Knight of the French Legion of Honor - 1939 ( Source 2 and 3).

Currently, her work is being sold throughout the world. On February 9, 2009 the wold-famous auction house Christie's of New York sold a portrait of  Thérèse Marie  Rosine GERALDY for 10,000 US. This portrait was entitled "Portrait of a young girl in a pink satin dress" (see below).


Chronology [15]


 - 1884 Thérèse-Marie-Rosine GERALDY  was born  in Paris, France to Louis Paul GERALDY and Marie- Anne-Elizabeth DelSarte (daughter of François DelSarte) on June 18, 1884

-  In 1892 Marie Anne Elizabeth GERALDY (née DelSarte), mother of Thérèse-Marie-Rosine GERALDY  toured the United States of America  teaching the DelSarte Method. She was interviewed by several US magazines. Madame Geraldy was also an artist  and taught art at a private institution.

- 1904 possible date when Thérèse-Marie-Rosine GERALDY was studying at the Académie Julian

- 1906 She receives Honorable Mention from the Society of French Artists. Her name is published in the May 30, 1906 edition of "Le Figaro"  and "Le Radical"

- 1908 Thérèse-Marie-Rosine GERALDY  obtains a positive review in the newspaper "Comoedia" on April 30, 1908 for her painting of Paul ESCUDIER (1858-1931), who was a French politician. 

- 1910 She wins the Galimard-Jaubert prize for her paintings. The prize was awarded by the French Society of Artistes and Painters. Her award was published in  "La chronique des arts et de la curiosité". Such a prize would have allowed T. Geraldy to continue painting with monetary support (Source 17)

(Source 17)

- 1912 She obtains a positive review of her work in the newspaper "Journal des débats" on April 3, 1912.

- 1933 Thérèse-Marie-Rosine GERALDY holds an exposition. She is mentioned in the art review of the news paper "La Croix" on May 9, 1933 for her painting of  Georges KRIER (1872-1942), author of the song "Juan-les-Pins" 

- 1939 Thérèse-Marie-Rosine GERALDY is appointed Chevalier of then French Foreign Legion of Honor for her contributions to the world of painting. Her name was published by the newspaper "Le Matin" on February 2, 1939 as being awarded the Legion of Honor.

- 1965 On July 31, 1965  Thérèse-Marie-Rosine GERALDY died in Paris, France.


The Artistic Signature 

 The signature of Thérèse- Marie- Rosine Géraldy appears to have the T and G intertwined. This has led to an error in attributing her works. Her artistic name is sometimes referred to as "F. Geraldy". However, a we can see from below the name should read "T. Geraldy"

Signature of Image Thérèse- Marie- Rosine Géraldy ( Source 3)


Image Disclosure 

 If you are the holder of the copyrights of any of the images contained herein and believe that you have not been properly credited or would like your image taken down from this blog, please contact the "Blog Administrator" (Gaigneron de Marolles).


Portraits of Children 


"L'enfant au canary" (Source 3)


"Portrait de Monsieur Xavier Fourcade enfant avec son chien" (Source 4)


"Portrait d'enfant" (Date?) in Pencil (Source 5)

Portrait d'enfant à la cravache (Source 6)


Portrait de Jeune Fille (Date?) in Pastel (Source 7)


Portrait of Tatiana Zubov (Source 8)


Portraits of Nude Models 

"La favorite" from the
"Catalogue illustré du Salon
peinture et sculpture
Société des artistes français" (1907)  Source Public Domain

Portraits of Females

Portrait of Helen Thempleton Pogue (Source 9)

Femme en tenue de soirée portant une fourrure (Source 10)

"Portrait of a young girl in a pink satin dress"(Source 11)

"la duchesse de Nemours née Marguerite Carrington Watson"  (1948) Source12

Female bust/charcol on paper (1918), Source 16

Portrait de Madame Tallien de Cabarrus (Source 19)

Portrait of Males 

James St Vincent (1843–1937), 4th Baron de Saumarez (Source 13)

Other Portraits  

La femme aux pavots (Source 18)

Published and Online Resources on Thérèse- Marie- Rosine Géraldy (1884-1965)

1) Recently, Mr. J. CATHERINE has authored the first French Wikipedia article on Thérèse- Marie- Rosine Géraldy (1884-1965)

2) "Overcoming All Obstacles: The Women of the Académie Julian" (1999)

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3) Image of  "L'enfant au canari" taken from the website site e-bay. The original is a postcard in which this image is printed. The attribution is to an "F. Geraldy" however, this is not correct given the signature of the work. It is a painting by T. Geraldy.

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